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Our Mission and Vision

Full Life Chiropractic is an integrative health care clinic that provides holistic health solutions to promote the body in healing itself. Through chiropractic, acupuncture, functional medicine, and physical therapy, we harness the innate healing potential within the body to help you heal yourself. We provide lifestyle advice and holistic remedies to assist in the transformation of health from one of a symptomatic treatment model to one of dis-ease prevention through consistent, proactive care.


Both infants and adults can benefit from ongoing chiropractic care. In the chiropractic world, keeping the problem fixed and preventing its reoccurrence is just as important as the initial remedy.

We work in the following areas: 

Pediatric | Pregnancy | Post-Partum | Neuropathy | Weightloss | Functional Medicine | Auto Injuries | Sports Medicine


Massage therapy does more than make you feel good, it can actually help your body achieve balance and health.

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What Our Wonderful Clients Say

Christine L.

We absolutely love this Chiropractic office. Our whole family sees Doctor D. In just a short time, we’ve been educated, received treatment and encouragement. Would recommend this office to everyone….in fact, I keep his cards in my car.

Michael B.

“Amazing!!! Our entire family of 7 enjoy going to our weekly adjustments, including our littlest who is now 16 months and has been getting adjustments for months. Total recommend. You will thank me.

Amy K.

Highly recommend full life chiropractic care. He fixed my back when others couldn’t. Too feel relief after the first visit was amazing to me. I would refer my friends and family to this practice. Very professional and clean.

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