At Full Life Chiropractic, we treat you like family. And family means you have access to our preferred referral network of holistic providers in the area. These are our top recommended and most loved providers. Please let us know if there is anyone you are looking for and we’ll do our best to find you someone who is full life approved!


Dr. Crystal Cardone
In-House at Full Life Chiro

Biological Dentist


In house, Dr. Sarah

Amy Rinkevich,
Davis Islands, Tampa


Tanya Grazione

Functional Medicine

In house + Virtual at FLC: Dr. Christine Hafer

Carly Stagg, ARNP, Ritual Functional Medicine

Mental Heath Counseling

Harper Therapy - Yolanda Harper


Labor of Love Birth Center

Barefoot Birth

Occupational Therapy

Sense Able Brain Therapy

Orthopedic PT

Rezalo PT


Wholistic Pediatrics

Honeybee Holistic

Life choices family medical

Holistic Pediatrics

Pediatric Airway Dentist, Frenectomy

Pediatric Herbalist

Pediatric Naturopath

Pelvic Health PT

Fourth Trimester Wellness - Rachel Madeira

Dr. Sumer Samhoury
USF Health
Dr. Brittaney Sargent + Sage Abrams,
Bloom Pelvic Therapy
Dr. Adriana Potter
Benefit Physical Therapy

Speech Language Pathologist

Jacquelin Knoblock,
Wesley Chapel

Marissa Douglas
Peds Feeding Therapy, Pinellas/South Tampa,


Past Tense Yoga

ChiroThin Weight Loss Webinar

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