Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia

The glossopharyngeal nerve is a cranial nerve that originates in the brainstem and controls the function of the tongue, throat, taste, and the vocal and swallowing muscles. It is the 9th cranial nerve.

Throat pain, difficulty swallowing, tongue pain, and neck pain can all be scary symptoms. People suffering with these symptoms do not wait long to see their doctor, however examination usually results to no specific diagnosis leaving patients lost.

After MRI’s and CT’s people suffering with glossopharyngeal neuralgia are left with little to no resolve. Diagnostic imagining usually rules out space occupying lesions such as disc herniations, tumors, soft tissue growths, or bone changes that could be putting pressure on the nerve. The patients feel hopeless. The constant swallowing pain and discomfort leads to dietary changes to accommodate the discomfort.

What some patients suffering from glossopharyngeal neuralgia may come across is upper cervical research leading them to a chiropractor’s office. Here an assessment of the upper neck area may show a misalignment of the atlas or axis vertebrae of the spine. The misalignment may be causing the neuralgia linked to the patients’ symptoms.

These misalignments are called subluxations, and a correction can led to immediate relief. Once the alignment hold relief is permanent. This can be as fast as one adjustment, but normally takes 3-6 treatments over the course of 2-3 weeks.

Patients with MRI findings of disc bulges may be assisted with upper cervical care and spinal decompression therapy to absorb the disc bulge. At Full Life Chiropractic we utilize Blair Upper Cervical, CT, X-ray, and decompression to make sure we get to the solution of many types of neuralgia. Results are amazing and patients end up grateful for finding us.

What Our Wonderful Clients Say

Bridget W.

WOW – What a friendly chiropractic office to go to :-))) I felt like they took my issues seriously and that their main goal was to get to the bottom of the problem and get it fixed. I would recommend to anyone!

Dan M.

Phenomenal! I love seeing Dr. D

Michael B.

Amazing!!! Our entire family of 7 enjoy going to our weekly adjustments, including our littlest who is now 16 months and has been getting adjustments for months. Total recommend. You will thank me.

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